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Luncheon Open to the Public
11:15 AM
Special Dining Car Luncheon Open to Public.
Depot Museum Lunch Meeting

Representatives of the Avon Park Depot Museum at the Jacaranda Hotel. Elaine Levey, Grace Hudson, Jim Deal and Peggy Caraberis.
William & Mary King
William and Mary King were the first permanent settlers in Avon Park. They were from Stratford-upon-Avon, England.
Tanglewood Group

Thirty-one residents of Tanglewood Community were recent visitors to the Avon Park Depot Museum. The group assembled in the main exhibit hall and were given an overview of  historical events as they pertained to the development of the city beginning in 1886. After a group photo the ladies boarded the Silver Palm Dining Car for a luncheon

High School Graduate

Colin J. Deal, a recent graduate of Sandwich High School Cape Cod, Massachusetts and grandson of James Deal, Depot Museum Historian and Volunteer was recently honored with a surprise graduation party that was held on the Silver Palm Dining car. Colin's local family members and friends of the museum helped him celebrate the occasion.

Aviation Historians
Hal  Thompson, aviation historian of Arcadia and Walt Pierce,barnstormer, pilot and airshow legend  of Avon Park talking at the Avon Park Museum about the restoration of a PT 17 Stearman that had been flying out of the Avon Park Airport (now Avon Park Jet Center, Inc.) during WWII.
Thompson is restoring the biplane. Pierce owns a Stearman and made the plane famous on the air show circuit since the 1940s.
Mason G. Smoak

"Youth Leadership Highlands" students recently visited the Avon Park Depot Museum. The faith-based organization is sponsored by the Mason G. Smoak Foundation, a year-long class that teaches leaderskip skills and includes visiting areas of interest throughout Highlands County.

St.Catherine Catholic

Twenty-four 4th, 5th and 6th grade students from the St. Catherine Catholic School in Sebring, accompanied by teachers Mrs. Katherine Spencer and Mrs. Patricia Gutierrez recently visited the Depot Museum as part of a school field trip. The students were given information and historical significance of the museum's exhibits. They then greeted the Amtrak as it passed the Silver Palm Dining Car access ramp. After moving into the dining car the group had lunch and later celebrated two birthdays. Home made cookies and brownies prepared by museum volunteers rounded out the dessert. Table games to include checkers, Chinese checkers, Scrabble, tic tac toe, and various card games kept the group entertained for quite some time. Simplicity, the hobo clown paid a visit and was photographed with many of the students. They then boarded their bus and returned to Sebring with good memories of an educational and fun visit to Avon Park Depot Museum.

Walker Students Visit

Students from the Walker Memorial Academy's 8th grade and their teacher, Ms. Judy Johnson recently toured the Depot Museum to gather some historical knowledge about their community. As they made their way thru the various exhibits and artifacts museum volunteers were on hand to explain the importance and historical significance of each exhibit. Assisting were Elaine Levey, Museum Director and Jim Deal and Quinton Varnes museum volunteers.

The students visit concluded with boarding the Silver Palm Dining Car for refreshments and playing some old fashioned table games. A visit by Simplicity, the Hobo Clown was a highlight of the event.

Upon returning to school the students were assigned a

project - preparing a keynote presentation on their iPads about Avon Park history.




SFSC Class Tour
 Students in the SFSC Honors Program from Dr. Charlotte Pressler’s Freshman English I class were recent visitors to the Avon Park Depot Museum.The class was given a "history lesson" tour of early Avon Park and along the way were quizzed about their own knowledge of historical events as they pertained to the museum exhibits. Professor Pressler and museum representative, James Deal led the group discussion.
The tour ended in the Archival Research room where students examined some of the local newspaper reference material dating from 1922 to the present.
Before leaving, the group boarded the Silver Palm Dining Car and was treated to refreshments. Coinciding with the event was Dr. Pressler's birthday and she was honored with a "birthday cookie" as her class serenaded her with a happy birthday song.
Hosts on the Silver Palm were Elaine Levey, museum director and Thetis Casey, Avon Park Historical Society board representative.
Oliver M. Crosby

Oliver M. Crosby was the founder of the town he originally called Lake Forest and later became known as Avon Park. He built a 32 room hotel on the shores of Lake Verona, aptly named Verona Hotel. Here in the early days prospecive property buyers were registered and given the royal treatment. The Verona Hotel was the cultural center of the new community. Religious services were held here until the various denominations built their own churches, usually on land that Oliver Crosby donated to them.

George Sebring, in his endeavors to develop the town of Sebring, was a guest here many times as there were no other lodging facilities nearby.

The Verona Hotel was greatly damaged by fire in 1926 and was demolished. Salvaged lumber was used in numerous construction sites around the town. There are more than likely structures in Avon Park still standing containing lumber from the Verona Hotel.

Read more about the Verona Hotel under the MUSEUM category and then "FOUNDING" article.



Leoma B. Maxwell

Had it not been for the efforts of this lady, Leoma Bradshaw Maxwell, there would be no Avon Park Depot Museum. When the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Company deeded the old depot to the city it was leased to the Historical Society of Avon Park. This set in motion the development of a museum to collect and house the history of Avon Park. Mrs. Maxwell was the first director of the newly formed Depot Museum and later was directly responsible for acquiring the California Zephyr Silver Palm Dining Car. She is also the author of "The First Hundred Years of Avon Park, Florida". This book is available in the museum.

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